Pops & Bangs

What are Pops and Bangs?

"Pops and Bangs", also known as crackle maps or overrun maps, are a type of engine tuning that modifies the fueling strategy and ignition timing to create a popping or banging sound from the exhaust during deceleration or when letting off the throttle. This effect is popular among enthusiasts seeking a more aggressive sound profile for their vehicles. An example video below!

Cat-Safe/Sports Cat-Safe Overrun Maps

For vehicles equipped with catalytic converters or sports catalytic converters, we offer cat-safe overrun maps. These are carefully calibrated to produce the desired pops and bangs effect without compromising the integrity of the catalytic converter. The modifications are designed to manage the extra fuel in the exhaust system in a way that minimizes the risk of damage to the catalytic converter, ensuring longevity and compliance with emissions standards.

Decat Options

For vehicles that have had their catalytic converters removed (decatted), we can provide overrun maps that produce a more pronounced pops and bangs effect. It's important to note that decatting a vehicle and applying these maps is typically not recommended due to the potential for increased wear on the exhaust system, legal implications regarding emissions, and the overall impact on vehicle health and the environment.

Considerations and Recommendations

While pops and bangs tuning can add a distinct auditory character to your vehicle, there are several reasons we generally advise caution:

  • Wear and Tear: Constantly inducing pops and bangs can accelerate wear on the exhaust system components, including the exhaust manifold and muffler.
  • Environmental Impact: Removing catalytic converters (decating) significantly increases emissions, contributing to environmental pollution.
  • Legal and Compliance Issues: Decatting a vehicle and altering its exhaust sound can have legal ramifications, including failing emissions tests and violating noise regulations.

Our Approach

Our priority is to offer tuning solutions that align with our clients' goals while considering the health of the vehicle and environmental responsibilities. We provide cat-safe and sports cat-safe overrun maps for those looking to achieve pops and bangs without risking damage to their vehicle's catalytic system. For decatted vehicles, we offer guidance and tuning with a clear understanding of the potential impacts and implications.


Pops and bangs tuning is a popular modification for those seeking to enhance their vehicle's auditory presence. However, it's essential to approach these modifications with an understanding of the potential effects on your vehicle's performance, legality, and environmental footprint. We're here to provide expert advice and solutions that best fit your needs and ensure the longevity and compliance of your vehicle.